Save Your Old Photos Now!

You probably have photographs that don't look as good as they once did. Or worse, they have been damaged - possibly by being stored in your attic or basement. Photos don't like heat, moisture, and light. Regardless of why your photos are damaged or faded, we can help.

Bring me your old, damaged, or faded photos and I'll do my best to make them look new again.

How We Do It

We prefer to work with your original, but will consider working with a digital copy you provide. You can bring your original to me, we can meet in the middle, I can pickup at your home or workplace, or you can mail to me.

Once I have your original (photo, art, film or slide), I create a high resolution scanned digital image. Your original remains with me and is not harmed in any way. I also scan oversized (larger than 8X10) originals to ensure the best possible quality. Most digital restorers take a digital photograph of large originals which results in lower quality. And yes, I've also developed a method to work with originals that are not flat.

Next, the digital copy is repaired, manipulated and corrected using advanced software (such as Adobe Photoshop.) Much of the work performed on your image is done by hand using a Wacom pen and pad. This work can be very intricate and time consuming and definitely relies on artistic ability. The amount of work performed depends on what is needed and what you want (including your budget.)

Finally, my professional photo lab creates a print (and extra copies if you would like) of your restored image on Kodak Professional Paper with outstanding permanence ratings.

Additional Info

If your original contains a Copyright mark, we must have permission from the copyright owner before we begin your project. Mike can often help with this.

Free estimates are available - I can meet with you for a quick estimate or just email me a photo of your original taken with your phone.

How long does it take? Depends on your project - I've returned finished prints in a few days and some difficult projects have taken almost an entire year. We will discuss your time frame after viewing your original and listening to your expectations.

Please see pricing page for more information.
Email Mike with questions and comments. send Mike an email