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Senior Portraits As Unique As You

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Your senior portraits should be as unique as you are. We create one of a kind portraits that are classic, natural, and stand the test of time. You'll be proud of the portraits we create for you.

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Easy Peasy

Our philosophy is simple - provide a relaxing atmosphere conducive to creating wonderful senior portrait images. We only book a limited number of sessions providing you with our personal and undivided attention. We try to keep our sessions and pricing easy to understand. Your senior portraits should be fun. Fun is easy.

Location, Location, Location

It's all about location. Senior portrait sessions are available on-site at your favorite spot. We love location portraits because of the personal connection - parks, your home, your school or even a corn field work as great locations. Plus, location portraits are cool. We normally photograph in Hamilton and north Marion County, but can go anywhere. Studio sessions are offered in Carmel, Indiana.

Light Is The Key

Photography is all about light. Location is important and can add meaning and interest, but proper light is needed to create superior images. I use light to make you look your best. Most locations have perfect light waiting to be found.

Pricing Info Below

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Prints Or Files?

I'm a big fan of prints - we connect emotionally with prints and there's something special about holding them in your hands. In addition, printed products become family heirlooms. Our prints are rated to last for over 100 years. What will become of your digital files and more importantly, how will you view them? Technology advances quickly make today's media and storage devices obsolete. Will the jpg file on your thumb drive be viewable in ten years? Will your image files have dissipated in the cloud? And even if you do purchase a file, will you be able to make a great print using a non-pro lab?

We offer both prints and digital files and make your choice even easier by giving you a free social media file with every print purchased.

We believe in print products so much that we give you a free Mini Album with most sessions! Ordered images are professionally edited, color corrected, retouched, enhanced and printed by our professional lab - we consider this a very important part of our service to you. We offer prints, canvas, fine art metals and acrylics, special art papers, albums, books and the list goes on.

What Peole Buy

Mike loves prints and our customers seem to agree. They also like sharing our free Social Media files.

  • Prints 95%

  • Mini Album / Album / Book 85%

  • Social Media File 90%

  • Wall Size Print 60%

Session Info?

Your portrait session is the scheduled time and location where you are photographed. We offer both location and studio sessions. Session fees are billed based on time and location and help to pay for the photographer's time, talent and expenses. Bonus! Every ssession includes free product. Most sessions include a free Mini Album!
The short answer is sessions are available wherever you are or want to go. Mike's home base has recently changed from the north side of Indianapolis (Washington Township) to Cicero (Indiana), but WetDogPhoto continues to serve Indianapolis / Marion County, Hamilton County (Cicero, Arcadia, Tipton, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville, Westfield), all of central Indiana and beyond. Some favorite spots for senior portraits include Holcomb Gardens, the Indianapolis Art Center, Holliday Park, Noblesville Town Square, Forest Park, some out of the way places (shhhh!) and our small private dock area. Where is your favorite place? Studio sessions are available in Carmel, Indiana or we'll even bring our studio to your home.
Message or email Mike. Tell me days and / or times that work for you and I'll let you know my available sessions. We offer a variety of sessions - pick one session or choose as many as you want. Combine sessions for discount pricing. Each session includes a location and a set amount of time. IMPORTANT - A Reservation Fee (50% minimum) is required to reserve your session. The fee is credited toward your session fees, but is forfeited if you miss your appointment. Your balance is due before your session. Please be on time. Please bring a parent with you. (And a friend if you would like.) Some locations may require an extra fee. Number of outfits is up to you, but remember changing clothes counts toward your session time. Layered outfits offer a quick and easy way to get different looks. The answer to most of your questions regarding what you can do or bring to your session is yes.

Why Choose WetDogPhoto?

Free Gift!

Session fees include a free gift. Many include a Mini Album with ten of your favorite images.

Photographic Talent

Mike offers extreme service and outstanding product and always strives to exceed expectations. Along with a relaxed atmosphere, Mike uses expertise and artistry to create your special portraits.

Affordable Pricing

Affordable pricing -- quality doesn’t have to cost too much. Our print pricing allows for "package" discounts without buying items you don't need. Plus, no minimum purchase required. Let's not get complicated.

Senior Portrait Gallery - A Few Favorites

Click on images below to see enlarged views.

Session Pricing

Cicero / Noblesville

$ 150
60 minutes
One Location Choice
Outfits - Up to you
Web Preview Gallery
FREE 10 Image MiniAlbum
Save! 2 Sessions only $250 / 3 Sessions only $300

N Indy/S Hamilton

$ 175
60 minutes
One Location Choice
Outfits - Up to you
Web Preview Gallery
FREE 10 Image MiniAlbum
Save! 2 Sessions only $275 / 3 Sessions only $325

Studio Headshot

$ 150
15 - 20 minutes
Carmel Studio
One Outfit
Web Preview Gallery
FREE One Retouched LR & HR File
Save! Bring a friend - only $125 each. Three only $100 each.

Home Studio

$ *300
1 1/4 hours
Your *Home - Mobile Studio
Outfits - Up to you
Web Preview Gallery
FREE 10 Image MiniAlbum
Save! Add an outdoor session - $95! (Near your home.)
Location Details

Cicero / Noblesville location choices include, but are not limited to: Noblesville Town Square, Forest Park, Potter's Bridge, Koteewi Park, country roads and cornfields, Morse Lake (including our private dock area), and your home.

North Indy / South Hamilton location choices include, but are not limited to: Broad Ripple, Holcomb Gardens, the Indianapolis Art Center, Holliday Park, Carmel Center Green, Ritchey Woods and your home.

An extra fee is billed for on-site sessions outside of Hamilton County and North Marion County.

* An extra fee is billed for Home Studio sessions outside of Hamilton County and north Marion County.

More Sessions

Studio Carmel

$ 225
45 minutes
Carmel Studio
Outfits - Up to you
Web Preview Gallery
FREE 10 Image MiniAlbum
Save! Add Kawachinagano Garden Session for $125.

Studio Carmel+

$ 350
90 minutes
Carmel Studio
Outfits - Up to you
Web Preview Gallery
FREE 10 Image MiniAlbum with SM Files
Save! Add Kawachinagano Garden Session for $125.


Time TBD
Location and / or Studio
Outfits - Up to you
Web Preview Gallery
Free Gift - Something good
Tell me what you want
Studio Session Details

!IMPORTANT! Arriving on time for studio sessions is critical. Your session time begins as scheduled even if you show up late. No refunds for "no shows". Late arrival may cause the cancellation of your session and forfeiture of your session payment.

All sessions, including studio sessions, require full payment before your session date. A minimum of 50% is due in order to reserve your session date - your remaining balance is due before your session date.

Once you pay your session fee, you will be emailed a map and directions to the Carmel studio. The studio is only open if you have a scheduled session. Walk-in sessions and studio visits are not available.

Session Reminders

  • Session fee is due before your session.
  • Minimum 50% required to reserve your session.
  • Fees are forfeited if you miss your session.
  • IMPORTANT: Please be on time.
  • Please bring a parent with you.
  • Changing outfits counts toward session time.

Preview Info

  • Previews are uploaded to your web Gallery.
  • Share your Gallery with family and friends.
  • Previews in your Gallery are only “pretouched”.
  • Ordered prints are fully retouched.
  • Images in your Gallery are watermarked.
  • Gallery images should not be copied in any form.

Mini Albums

  • Free black 3X3 Mini Album with most sessions.
  • Contains ten of your favorite session photos.
  • First Album - $75 // Extra Copies - $45.
  • Social Media Digital Files - All ten only $45.
  • Upgrade: Custom Image Cover - $9.
  • Upgrade: Frosted Slip Cover - $2.


Desk Prints

1st Print / Copies
Wallets - $25 per 8 / See Special
4X6 - $20 / $15
5X7 - $25 / $20
8X10 - $40 / $30
8X12 - $45 / $35
10X10 - $55 / $45

Wall Prints

1st Print / Copies
10X15 - $70 / $55
11X14 - $80 / $60
10X20 - $96 / $75
16X20 - $120 / $90
20X24 - $190 / $150
24X30 - $350 / $275


Wallet Special - 24 for $40
48 for $60 / 96 for $95 (1 image)
FREE SM file with print purchase
Buy a wall print, get 50% Off the digital print file
All prints after first are discounted!
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Print Information

All ordered images are retouched / enhanced and custom printed on Kodak Professional Portrait Paper.

Prints are available in color, Black and White and toned. Texture and canvas also available.

Prints can be mounted and coated for UV protection.

A minimum advance payment of 50% is due with your print / product order. Complete payment is due before delivery of your order.

Digitals, Goodies and More

Social Media Files

Sharing is good. Social media digital files with our studio logo are sized for sharing on your social media pages.

Free with print or product purchase!

All ten images from your Mini Album - Only $45.

Other images: (1) - $20, (5) - $60, (10) - $110, (15) - $150, (20) - $175

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Digital Print Files

Digital print files are sized for printing up to 8X12 prints. Files are 8 bit jpg's with an sRGB color profile.

Not responsible for poor results received from your photo lab / printer.

(1) file - $100, (10) files - $550, (15) files - $750, (20) files - $800

Senior Goodies!

We have all kinds of cool ways to display your senior portrait images. Albums, books, folios, cards, bookmarks, panel prints, metal prints, etc. If you don't see it here, just ask and we'll find it for you.

Skinnys - Two sided 1.4X3.5 cards with text and your photos! $45 for 25 with Tin.

Panel Print - Custom wall art with 5 - 7 of your favorite images. 5X30, mounted. $135

Goodies Continued

Senior Book - Custom designed 8X8 soft cover coffee table style book with 20 pages. $300

Senior Folio - 8X10 Image Folio with custom cover and two “stand out” prints inside. $185

Additional options and sizes are available for most of our custom product. More Goodies available.